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Polystyrene foam rolls


The Noma Gold Polystyrene foam rolls have a total length of 10m allowing you to cover large surfaces, and a thickness of 4mm making the foam strong and efficient.

This material consists of expanded polystyrene and canalised, covered with a special vapor barrier film and has been patented for its specific geometric structure giving it excellent insulating properties.

Noma Parkett Gold NMC foam has many advantages: it has a high thermal resistance, is protected from rising humidity and is in no way smelly, it is rot-proof. Finally, it will give you improved and quiet comfort when you walk on your floors.

Its installation is simple and fast, it is suitable for the support of floors such as stratified floors with clips, cork or parquet thanks to its smooth surface. It is ideal for medium-frequented soils. Warning this equipment is incompatible with floor heating systems.