Tsircon Co. Ltd

Leading Company in Building Materials since 1979



Tsircon Co. Ltd. was established in 1979. It is the leading Company in Cyprus in the manufacturing of specialized Building Materials. The Company was originated as a Trading Company for Building Chemicals but shortly after, it started undertaking work in the field of its expertise, which is Waterproofing, Concrete Repairs and Industrial Flooring. In 1983 we turned to manufacturing and by the end of 1991 the Company established its own new premises under our proposal for quality products.



Our Group of Companies continue their progress with over 40 employees and our operations are highly focused on continuing quality improvement and customers' satisfaction. Our aim and vision is materializing with the contribution of highly qualified skilled personnel. Every year we invest a high proportion of our income for training our personnel both in the Production, Quality Control and Management.



High Technology is part of our Company's policy. We annually invest on different Advancements, which make our manufacturing processes more accurate and consistent. We follow any technological improvements that can provide new products high quality standards. Research and Development is another key factor to our success. We transform our customer's needs through our Research & Development Department into this high quality products. In 2019 our Company has become one of the European manufacturers of Polycarboxylic Raw Material for the production of Concrete Admixtures currently exporting to various countries.



From 1997 our company's management goes through the strong management commitment of Total Quality and ISO certification. The ISO 9001:2015 covers the Management Systems for the Production, Sales and Distribution of chemical products and sales of specialized products for the construction industry. Our target is to provide 100% high quality products and customer satisfaction at all times. Our daily laboratory tests for each production secure the high quality products required by the International Standards, such as the European Standards, ASTM and others. Through this procedure, we reassure the high quality products provided to you. Quality and Environment are integral components of our philosophy. The protection of our environment constitutes a serious concern for our management and thus, our strategy is to provide always environmentally friendly products. In 2019 our Company has implemented ISO14001:2015 and established the requirements for an effective environmental management system


To enlarge the range of our materials by manufacturing more technologically and environmentally advance products.


Our Group of Companies has established an excellent Distribution Network that covers the whole of Cyprus through our offices and warehouses in Nicosia and Limassol.     

Our goal is to expand further our sales abroad.


Our Mission is to:

  • Provide 100% high quality products and customer satisfaction at all times.
  • Provide always environmentally friendly products

Our Projects

TSIRCON CONSTRUCTIONS CO LTD is a member of the Concrete Repair Association of U.K. It is also member of the Approved List of Contractors for Government and Private projects including participation in technical and structural works. We are also on the Approved List for U.K projects for Cyprus and Gibraltar.